Queensland leadership spill: Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg dismisses plot report

Queensland Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg has dismissed reports of an LNP leadership spill, adding any challenger would draw the ire of the partyroom.

Key points:

Speculation of leadership spill within weeks

Reports, ex ministers Tim Nicholls, Tim Mander on unity ticket

Challenge reportedly sparked by changes to election voting rules, which give ALP advantage

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg dismisses spill reports

The Sunday Mail has reported former treasurer Tim Nicholls and former housing minister Tim Mander are open to forming a unity ticket, with a challenge to occur within weeks.

"If there is a small number of people expressing that view then I think it would be met overwhelmingly with and by the ire of my colleagues," he said.

"I don't believe there are any serious moves to that effect.

"I'm very confident that this is not the view held by the greatest majority of my colleagues.

"Indeed, the greatest majority of my colleagues are buoyed by the ascendant position of the LNP over the last six to eight months."

The leadership rumblings were reportedly sparked by Labor's surprise move to scrap 'just vote one' on election days, a move which could hand them an extra eight seats.

The news laws had the support of Katter's Australian Party in the hung parliament, and Mr Springborg has reportedly come under fire for failing to negotiate with the crossbenchers to prevent the them from backing the changes.

Mr Springborg said there had been a range of private members' bills that had gone through Parliament with the support of KAP as a consequence of their discussions.

"But individual political parties do as they do in the Parliament to suit themselves and that's the nature of the Parliament and that's beyond the ability of any other political party to influence," he said.

Last week in Parliament, Labor outmaneuvered the LNP during debate, in what was a see-saw battle for control of the legislative agenda.

While debating a LNP bill to add four more seats in Parliament, Labor managed to force through an amendment to reintroduce compulsory preferential voting.

KAP and independent MPs supported the bill to make voters number all boxes on election day.

Comment has been sought from Mr Nicholls and Mr Mander

Source: ABC News

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