Federal Election 2016: Where the parties stand on the big issues - Marriage Equality

Coalition: The government has promised to hold a plebiscite on same-sex marriage. The attorney general, George Brandis, has ruled out suspending anti-discrimination law for the campaign, but has said the government has not decided whether to give public funds to the yes and no cases for the campaign.

Labor: Bill Shorten has pledged that Labor would hold a parliamentary vote on same-sex marriage within 100 days of the next election. Labor MPs will be allowed a free vote on the issue.

Greens: The Greens are unanimously in favour of same-sex marriage and want the issue dealt with by a parliamentary vote, not a plebiscite.

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  1. Tony Z Reply

    Australia has Marriage Equality. The buzzword which the media bandy around relates to a 1950’s case where a white man couldn’t marry a negress. The current question is should be alter the marriage act in the constitution and ignore all the “acts against the order of Nature” held within that act that has served us well. Acts “against the order of nature include – Sodomy, incest, bestiality etc.
    So the question should always be do we support the alteration and or dismantlement of the acts that stand alongside the Marriage act.

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