Federal Election 2016 : Tony Abbott says Peta Credlin commentary 'riveting'

Tony Abbott has praised Peta Credlin's commentary about Malcolm Turnbull's performance as 'riveting viewing' after she delivered sharp criticism of the Coalition election campaign.

Ms Credlin, the former chief of staff to then Prime Minister Abbott, described Mr Turnbull  as "Mr Harbourside Mansion" during the first week of campaigning.

But the ABC is reporting most Coalition supporters are glad that Mr Turnbull has replaced Mr Abbott as Prime Minister.

A whopping 81% of those voting supported the move, with 19% saying it was the wrong thing to do.

Three questions related to Mr Abbott's sacking in September 2015 were added to the Vote Compass survey for its launch on Sunday, May 8. 

The survey results come after Ms Credlin told Sky News it was a bad move for Mr Turnbull to cancel a street walk in Western Sydney.

Mr Abbott has publicly declared his support for Mr Turnbull, but said Ms Credlin was a "very important" commentator leading up to the election on July 2.

"I think she's been riveting viewing," Mr Abbott said on Sky News' Viewpoint program.

"But look, she speaks for herself as you'd expect."

"She's made some pretty powerful calls this week and I think you'll continue to see her being a very important and interesting commentator on this election."

"Malcolm won't always agree with her, probably won't always like what she says, but her job is not to be a yes person for anyone. Her job is to call it as she sees it."

Ms Credlin has previously worked as Mr Turnbull's deputy chief of staff.

"She knows him, she respects him. She thinks he is the prime minister we should elect on July 2."

During his appearance on Sky, Mr Abbott said he would happily serve in a Turnbull Ministry and vowed to  fulfil his three-year term as the member for Warringah if he is re-elected.

Source: Caboolture News

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