Electoral Pendulum

The electoral pendulum orders seats from the most marginal to safest based on results of the last election. Click on the electorate name for more detail on each contest.

Coalition (89)

Party and Margin Electorate
LNP0.5 Petrie (QLD)
LNP0.8 Capricornia (QLD)
LIB v NAT0.9 O'Connor (WA)
LIB1.2 Lyons (TAS)
CLP1.4 Solomon (NT)
LIB1.9 Hindmarsh (SA)
LIB2.6 Braddon (TAS)
LIB2.8 Banks (NSW)
LIB2.9 Eden-Monaro (NSW)
LIB3.0 Lindsay (NSW)
NAT3.1 Page (NSW)
LIB3.1 Robertson (NSW)
LIB3.2 Deakin (VIC)
LIB3.3 Macarthur (NSW)
LIB3.3 Reid (NSW)
LNP3.7 Bonner (QLD)
LIB3.8 Gilmore (NSW)
LIB3.9 Corangamite (VIC)
LIB v NAT3.9 Durack (WA)
LIB4.0 Bass (TAS)
LIB4.0 La Trobe (VIC)
LNP4.3 Brisbane (QLD)
LNP4.4 Forde (QLD)
LIB4.5 Cowan (WA)
LIB4.5 Macquarie (NSW)
LIB5.6 Dunkley (VIC)
LNP5.7 Leichhardt (QLD)
LIB6.0 Hasluck (WA)
LIB6.1 Burt (WA)
LNP6.2 Herbert (QLD)
LNP6.5 Flynn (QLD)
LNP6.7 Dickson (QLD)
LNP6.9 Longman (QLD)
LIB7.1 Boothby (SA)
LIB7.2 Casey (VIC)
LIB7.3 Swan (WA)
LNP7.6 Dawson (QLD)
LIB7.8 Bennelong (NSW)
LIB8.2 Aston (VIC)
LNP8.5 Ryan (QLD)
LNP8.9 Bowman (QLD)
LNP9.0 Hinkler (QLD)
LIB9.0 Stirling (WA)
LIB9.3 Pearce (WA)
LNP9.8 Fisher (QLD)
LIB9.9 Higgins (VIC)
LIB10.1 Sturt (SA)
LIB10.1 Wannon (VIC)
LIB11.0 Goldstein (VIC)
LIB11.1 Kooyong (VIC)
LIB11.3 Canning (WA)
LNP11.7 Fairfax (*) (QLD)
LIB11.8 Flinders (VIC)
LIB11.8 Hughes (NSW)
LIB11.8 McMillan (VIC)
LNP11.8 Wright (QLD)
LIB12.4 Moore (WA)
LIB12.5 Mayo (SA)
LNP13.0 McPherson (QLD)
LIB13.0 Tangney (WA)
NAT13.2 Cowper (NSW)
LNP13.2 Wide Bay (QLD)
LIB13.5 Grey (SA)
LIB13.6 Hume (NSW)
NAT13.6 Lyne (NSW)
LIB13.8 Forrest (WA)
LNP14.4 Fadden (QLD)
LIB14.4 Menzies (VIC)
NAT15.0 Calare (NSW)
LIB15.3 Warringah (NSW)
LIB15.7 Cook (NSW)
LIB15.7 North Sydney (NSW)
NAT15.8 Gippsland (VIC)
LIB16.5 Barker (SA)
LNP16.5 Groom (QLD)
LNP18.0 Moncrieff (QLD)
LIB18.2 Curtin (WA)
LIB18.8 Mackellar (NSW)
LIB18.9 Wentworth (NSW)
LIB19.0 Berowra (NSW)
NAT19.0 Riverina (NSW)
NAT19.5 New England (NSW)
NAT19.9 Parkes (NSW)
LIB20.9 Bradfield (NSW)
LIB20.9 Murray (VIC)
LIB21.4 Mitchell (NSW)
LIB21.7 Farrer (NSW)
LNP22.3 Maranoa (QLD)
NAT23.7 Mallee (VIC)

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Labor (57)

Party and Margin Electorate
ALP0.2 Dobell (*) (NSW)
ALP0.2 McEwen (VIC)
ALP0.3 Paterson (*) (NSW)
ALP0.9 Lingiari (NT)
ALP1.3 Bendigo (VIC)
ALP1.3 Lilley (QLD)
ALP1.3 Parramatta (NSW)
ALP1.6 Chisholm (VIC)
ALP1.6 Moreton (QLD)
ALP1.6 Richmond (NSW)
ALP1.8 Bruce (VIC)
ALP2.2 Perth (WA)
ALP2.7 Kingsford Smith (NSW)
ALP3.0 Greenway (NSW)
ALP3.0 Griffith (QLD)
ALP3.1 Jagajaga (VIC)
ALP3.4 Wakefield (SA)
ALP3.6 Melbourne Ports (VIC)
ALP3.7 Brand (WA)
ALP3.8 Oxley (QLD)
ALP3.9 Adelaide (SA)
ALP3.9 Isaacs (VIC)
ALP4.4 Barton (*) (NSW)
ALP4.6 McMahon (NSW)
ALP4.8 Rankin (QLD)
ALP4.9 Ballarat (VIC)
ALP5.1 Franklin (TAS)
ALP5.1 Makin (SA)
ALP5.3 Blair (QLD)
ALP5.4 Fremantle (WA)
ALP5.7 Hunter (NSW)
ALP6.5 Werriwa (NSW)
ALP6.9 Whitlam (NSW)
ALP7.3 Hotham (VIC)
ALP7.4 Shortland (NSW)
ALP7.5 Canberra (ACT)
ALP7.7 Corio (VIC)
ALP8.9 Watson (NSW)
ALP9.1 Holt (VIC)
ALP9.4 Newcastle (NSW)
ALP9.7 Kingston (SA)
ALP v GRN10.6 Batman (VIC)
ALP10.9 Chifley (NSW)
ALP11.2 Blaxland (NSW)
ALP11.3 Cunningham (NSW)
ALP11.4 Maribyrnong (VIC)
ALP12.2 Lalor (VIC)
ALP12.5 Fenner (ACT)
ALP12.9 Fowler (NSW)
ALP12.9 Sydney (NSW)
ALP13.9 Calwell (VIC)
ALP14.0 Port Adelaide (SA)
ALP14.3 Scullin (VIC)
ALP v GRN15.2 Wills (VIC)
ALP16.1 Gorton (VIC)
ALP16.5 Gellibrand (VIC)
ALP18.8 Grayndler (NSW)

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Others (4)

Party and Margin Electorate
IND v LIB0.3 Indi (VIC)
KAP v LNP2.2 Kennedy (QLD)
GRN v ALP5.3 Melbourne (VIC)
IND v ALP15.5 Denison (TAS)

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