Federal Election 2016: All of a sudden, Australians want to know more about Bill Shorten

Bill Shorten has finally arrived — well, at least according to Google — with big spikes in the number of people showing an interest in the Labor leader in the week leading up to the election being called.

Trending: Turnbull vs. Shorten

The data doesn't show if people like Mr Shorten or hate him, but it does show that they're thinking about him — and that they want to know more.

The budget reply speech on Thursday showed a big lift in the number of people searching for Mr Shorten.

That was the first time interest in the Labor leader has overtaken Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's dominance in searches since Mr Turnbull became leader of the Liberal Party and the country in September last year.

Mr Shorten has been leader of the Labor Party since the 2013 election but has struggled to pique online interest, even when he was polling as preferred prime minister up against Tony Abbott in 2015.


  • Data source: Google Trends
  • Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart. This doesn't convey absolute search volume.

Source: ABC News

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