Boatie anger over dodgy crab pots in Moreton Bay and Deception Bay

Boatie Lloyd Green, whose boat has been damaged by crab pots twice during the past 18 months, wants fisherman to use more commonsense when placing their pots in Moreton Bay and Deception Bay.

“I like crabs, I like crabbing and I like boating ... with a little common sense we can all coexist happily,” Mr Green said.

When Mr Green skippered his 36-foot boat toward the Newport canals from Deception Bay during low tide on May 4 he heard “an almighty bang” and the motor ­“abruptly stopped”.

A galvanised steel rod, part of a crab pot, had wrapped around his ­propellers and bound them together. It will cost about $1000 to replace them.

“Lucky my boat has two motors so we could get back home,” Mr Green said.

He said the cost to fix the boat would have been “at least double” if he did not have the capability to lift his boat out of the water himself to fix it.

Mr Green said high-­visibility floats, short and good-quality ropes, pot placement away from boating channels and other high-traffic areas, and awareness of how pots may move in high-current areas and ­during big tides, were ­imperative moves to avoid clashes and keep everyone happy.


Surface floats must be 15cm, a light colour, robust, and include owner’s surname

Apparatus must be fixed by rope to float or fixed object above high-water mark

Rope must have tag with owner’s surname at point of attachment; crab pots must include surname and address

Pots must be in sufficient depth of water at all stages of tide.

Source: Quest News

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