Update on Traffic changes during Caboolture River bridge works

Traffic management measures are being finalised ahead of the Caboolture River Bridge Replacement Project, with work due to start in May (weather permitting) & Traffic is scheduled to be switched onto the northbound bridge from Monday 27 June 2016 (weather permitting) with one lane of traffic operating in each direction.

The 98-year-old bridge structure has reached the end of its design life and must be replaced.

Managing traffic around the site will be a top priority during the works, which will involve four lanes on Morayfield Road being reduced to two at the bridge site.

The works will involve several traffic changes, so it is important motorists are aware of the different conditions.

Southbound traffic will be switched onto the northbound bridge at cross-over points located just north and south of the bridges.

Nearby intersections such as Esme Avenue and Elliot Street to the north, and Parklands Crescent and Oaklands Drive to the south, will not be affected and will remain open during works.

Extra CCTVs and webcams are being installed on Morayfield Road at King Street and Torrens Road to monitor traffic conditions.

When congestion occurs in a particular area, nearby traffic signals will be adjusted to try to provide some extra capacity to help clear queues and reduce delays wherever possible.

The project team will also carry out travel-time surveys across the surrounding network to monitor traffic and changes to travel times, which will help with responding to conditions, however the best option for local motorists will be to take alternate routes. 

Traffic is scheduled to be switched onto the northbound bridge from Monday 27 June 2016 (weather permitting) with one lane of traffic operating in each direction.

From that time, motorists should consider taking different routes around the bridge site, or adjusting their travel times if possible.

Electronic message boards will be placed at key decision-making locations around the network to encourage motorists to take alternate routes. 

To help plan their trips, motorists can use online traffic tools or apps to check traffic conditions before they depart.

These tools show real-time traffic conditions, such as where congestion is occurring and where traffic is flowing freely. Motorists can input their start and end point, and will be shown the quickest route to get there based on the current traffic conditions.

Motorists can also visit 131940.qld.gov.au or call 13 19 40 for the latest traffic conditions.

For more information, call 1800 783 016, email cabooltureriverbridge@tmr.qld.gov.au or visit the TMR website at tmr.qld.gov.au and search ‘Caboolture River Bridge’.

We thank road users in advance for their patience and understanding while we get on with delivering this new bridge for the community.

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