Queenslanders unhappy about compulsory preferential voting, poll finds

Most Queenslanders are opposed to the shock re-introduction of compulsory preferential voting in Queensland, a ReachTel poll has found.

The State Government's move to rush the change through Parliament last week means Queenslanders will have to number every box when they cast their vote at the next state election.

A poll conducted for Seven News, found the vast majority of Queenslanders are unhappy about the move.

Of the 1,281 people polled, 61.6 per cent of respondents said they opposed the move, with only 27.3 per cent supporting it.

The poll also put the Liberal National Party (LNP) four percentage points ahead of Labor, with the LNP's two-party-preferred support at 52 per cent, compared with 48 per cent for Labor.

Earlier this week, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said reinstating compulsory preferential voting showed her minority Government was getting its agenda through the hung Parliament.

But Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said the public would become increasingly annoyed by the move.

"I do believe that this is a very, very big issue," he said.

"It will become an even bigger issue when Queenslanders increasingly understand and become aware that they are denied their preferred voting choice, and that is just to vote one or vote for the people they want to vote for, not be forced to."

The ReachTel poll results have a 2.7 per cent margin of error.

The Queensland Opposition has since launched a petition against compulsory preferential voting.

The LNP-sponsored petition calls on the Premier to reverse the new law and return to the previous voting rules.

Source: ABC News

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