Parentline help for youth mental health doubled in 20 years

The number of parents and carers who contact the Parentline for help with their children's emotional and mental health has nearly doubled in the past two decades, a report has found.

The Insights report into the Queensland and Northern Territory Parentline program found the number of calls for support in helping their children rose from 5.9% of all contacts in 1996 to about 10% of all contacts in 2015.

Tracy Adams, CEO of Yourtown, which runs Parentline, said the increase was likely due to greater community awareness about mental and emotional health issues.

"Information available to the community about mental health issues such as eating disorders, psychosis, depression and anxiety, has steadily increased over the past 20 years," she said.

"Through the police referral service, Parentline provides support for families experiencing issues like domestic violence, mental health concerns, and alcohol and drug misuse."

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