Ex-tropical cyclone Winston could reform on Saturday

Ex-tropical cyclone Winston could reform as it heads towards the Queensland coast, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) says.

The system was about 1,000 kilometres east of Brisbane on Friday afternoon and moving west, and is due to travel north-west into the Coral Sea.

Forecaster Jess Carey said there was a "slight possibility" it would intensify into a weak category one cyclone.

"It's moving into a body of water that is slightly warmer, so it's moving into more favourable territory," he said.

"The effects are going to be the same whether it's a category one cyclone or an ex-tropical cyclone: big seas, big waves and pretty significant high tides as well."

The BoM has issued a severe weather warning for abnormally high tides and dangerous surf from the tip of Fraser Island to the New South Wales border.

Surf up to four metres is expected and high tides could exceed the highest of the year.

The pounding waves could cause significant beach erosion

Gold Coast acting chief lifeguard Chris Maynard said ex-cyclone Winston had been whipping up severe conditions but they are set to be at their worst Friday night and Saturday.

The Gold Coast's 41 beaches are expected to be closed on Saturday.

"The swell is building as we speak and throughout the day it will gradually get bigger and leading into four-metre ocean swells on Saturday," Mr Maynard said.

Mr Carey said the system would "park itself" about 200 to 400 kilometres off the coast before moving to the north-west, parallel with the coast.

"As it moves to the north it'll die away quite significantly," he said.

Source: ABC News

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