Caboolture Sports Football (Soccer) Sign of The Times

The time is now to sign-on for seasonal soccer with the Caboolture Sports Football Club.

With a call-out to boys and girls, men and women to register, Mr. Dwayne Sayers, President of the the Caboolture Sports Football Club, “Girls are particularly encouraged as per the latest findings from the Roy Morgan Research Young Australians Survey which reveal, for the first time, that more girls are now playing soccer than netball.

Indeed, it is a great sign of the times to have equal gender representation in what is considered to be a popular, safe and competitive universal sport”.

Mr Sayers, who is from a family where several generations have been highly involved in soccer in the region, has just returned from a trip to Europe and cites the difference between football in Australia and overseas as being that many of those Clubs have long traditions and therefore a huge supporter base.

Where the Caboolture Sports Football Club is committed to the sport at every level from keeping it affordable for the community to training for coaches, Mr Sayers encourages the region to get behind the competition, stating, “With some of the lowest registration fees in the region including all costs such as weekly game fees, coaching and the Club uniform, the Club feels opportunities will be maximised for all players”.

Mr Sayers says, “By meeting the basic needs of the community in terms of affordability, balanced with high standards and healthy competition, the Club makes way for home grown talent to develop and rise among the ranks.

Presenting the opportunity to participate is the way forward for individuals, their teams, the Club and, who knows, perhaps along the way we will discover a Messi, Ronaldo or another Henrique?”

Sign-on days will be held at Struddys Sports, 135 Morayfield Road, Morayfield between 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturday January 23, Saturday January 30 and Sunday January 31, 2016.

Please bring your child’s birth certificate or passport if signing on a child for the first time. Interested players should go online to register and attend one of the information sessions in order to secure a place.

While registrations have been open since January 4, 2016, you can still sign-on with the Club through the 24 hour active site of and for more information visit the Club’s website where registration fees are also listed as are links to details for those eligible for government assistance.

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