Woodford Folk Festival Tips: 10 ways to enjoy the festival

Season campers have pitched their tents and settled in for the festivities. A week of fun, adventure and learning lies ahead for Woodford patrons and the streets are already bursting with energy. But with an extensive programme of events, those here for the the long haul run the risk of burning out before the fire event. 

So here are some tips from festival veterans on how you can maintain your steam and get the most out of Woodford week. 

1. Pace yourself and don't expect to see everything - that would be impossible. 

2. Take regular rest breaks.  Plop yourself under a tree and take in the music from afar. 

3. The sun makes you sleepy, but if you do decide to drift off make sure you do your dozing in the shade. There's nothing worse than sunburn to sap your energy. 

4. But if you do get a bit pink in the cheeks, mango slushies go down a treat.  

5. Channel your energy with a morning yoga session on the hilltop. 

6. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Need we say more?  

7. Save up your pennies and wind down with a mid-week back rub from one of Woodford's many massage parlours. 

8. Seek refuge from the sun at a talk or seminar. You'll be keeping cool and staying informed: it's a win-win. 

9. Chill out in the chai tent among the comfy cushions and chatter of chai-sippers. 

10. And if all else fails, do your best visual meditation to conjure the feeling of that wonderful hot shower you're going to enjoy at the end.

Source: Brisbane Times

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