Woodford Folk Festival: Fancy footwear a fashion favourite

The Woodford Folk Festival has a bit of a reputation for getting down and dirty.

Some of the more perennial festival goers lovingly refer to it as 'Mudford' and know that the best way to survive the conditions is to don a funky pair of old fashion wellingtons to keep the feet dry and in good condition for dancing.

Nine fashionistas share the stories behind their fancy festival footwear.


Last night at the welcoming ceremony it was just pouring rain and I got soaked through, down to my undies... so I had to get some gumboots this morning. These ones feature a heritage chicken breed called Sussex Light and we have Sussex Light chickens at home!

Freyja Tasci, Maitland

My gumboots were bought for Woodford last year. I wore them for the whole week. But I keep getting rocks in them so I have to keep taking them off. It's happened twice already this morning.

Pia McClernon, young nomad travelling Australia in a van with her family

These are my daughter in law's gumboots. She searched in the shed yesterday because I couldn't buy any. It's the first time I've ever had them on in my life and I love them! But I wish I brought socks with me.

Mary Walters, Currumbin

I just love red shoes. I have a red shoe fetish. Don't tell anyone. I have about six pairs. It's just a thing. Since I was in high school, and old enough to wear high heel shoes, I wanted red ones.

Nicole Edgerton, Ipswich

I bought them the last time I flew over to Queensland at the beginning of this year for a wedding when there was a big storm. They are so comfy and they're the cheapest pair of gumboots I have ever purchased.

Bec Fardig, Perth

My gumboots were purchased out of necessity here last year. They're fur-lined so they're quite versatile. They are particularly well cushioned on the bottom and they have a little red stripe at the back.

Margaret Carty, Cooroy

I was in an op-shop and I saw them and they were yellow, and I think yellow is a traditional gumboot colour. Everyone was telling me I needed to wear gumboots because it's just going to get super muddy. I don't think I'm going to take them off the whole festival.

Melissa Bruce, Sydney

My gumboots are from Splendour [in the Grass] because all of the people at Splendour are very rich and they just buy gumboots and leave them there. They just leave them in the camp site. It's a terrible waste. I like them because they're shiny. That's why I saw them.

Zoe Buckley-Lennox, Brisbane

I bought my gumboots on Instagram actually, from a girl who sells her clothes and donates the money to charities. I bought them six months ago but this is the first work out they've had.

Meg Carty, Brisbane
Source: ABC News

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