Queensland weather: Monsoonal rain could become summer’s first cyclone

Weather forecasters are closely monitoring what could become this summer’s first cyclone as monsoonal rain activity becomes more active off the coast of Queensland.

It comes as the southeast enjoyed a weekend of wet weather and cooler temperatures, before the mercury is expected to soar to 30 degrees in Brisbane today.

The sunny weather in the southeast will be in contrast to the state’s west today as drought ravaged towns could this week see heavy rain for the first time in months.

Towns in the state’s northwest are expected to receive some much needed rain with falls of up to 50mm forecast to hit over the coming days.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Chris Joseph said towns of Mount Isa and Cloncurry could see heavy rain hang around for the rest of the week.

 “Areas north of Birdsville will see the most instability causing showers and storms to large parts of Queensland,” he said.

Forecasters are also keeping an eye on potential monsoonal rains and the development of the state’s first cyclone.

“We can see tropical convection getting more active around Papua New Guinea,” Mr Joseph said.

“There is some guidance of monsoonal activity to hit Queensland next week. This could develop into a cyclone within the coming weeks but we’ll have to monitor it further to see what happens.”


Source: Courier-Mail

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