Maleny Dairies will not certify their products Halal.

Halal Certification......its not for us. There has been a lot of talk around this issue recently and we have received many enquiries from customers concerned that we may go down this route.

The answer is NO we are not Halal Certified nor will we go down this path. We do not wish to increase the costs of our products to cover the expense of Halal Certification.

We prefer to make sure our local farmers receive a fair and sustainable price for their milk. We are working with nine local dairy farming families right here on the sunny coast and this is where the money stays.

Maleny Dairies has received over 9,000 comments concerning this issue.

To acquire Halal Certification payment is required to the endorsing body. It involves a number of site inspections and this certification process is expensive,. We prefer not to pass on unnecessary costs to the consumer and prefer to help our farmers. The post is simply intended to inform our customers of this as we have received numerous enquiries about it. Both on Social Media and emails.

After receiving persistent enquiries concerning Halal Certification we decided to pop a post-up on our Facebook page to inform our customers that this is not part of our business model.

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