RSPCA Queensland launches pilot behaviour program for wayward dogs at Redcliffe

A new RSPCA Queensland program to improve survival of shelter dogs is being pioneered at Redcliffe.

RSPCA Queensland boss Mark Townend said the organisations new School for Dogs was to curb the flood of dogs with seemingly impossible behavioural problems being dumped at the RSPCA. Many had not rec?eived correct training.

If those issues were addressed right from the start the problem wouldnt arise, Mr Townend said.

We believe that basic training and socialisation of all dogs is crucial to enable them to live harmoniously with humans and each other in urban environments. Our eventual aim is to completely eliminate the need for euthanasia based on bad behavioural traits.

Trainer Nicole Flanagan adopted her dog, Ekka, in August. She said he had been considered aggressive but with persistence and the correct technique, she had trained him to be a family-friendly dog.

Ms Flanagan said she encouraged families to attend her classes together.

The RSPCA School for Dogs will be based at Bradley Park, 285-311 Victoria Ave, Redcliffe, and operate Monday-Friday 6-9am and all day Saturday, 6am-5pm.

In the afternoons from Monday-Friday 3-6pm it will be at 58 Klingner Rd, Redcliffe, opposite Redcliffe High School Gym.

Source: Quest News