New child pornography taskforce may require overseas expertise, police commissioner reveals

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart says overseas specialists may be required for a new taskforce to crack child pornography networks.

The Queensland Government confirmed it would fund Taskforce Orion with $3.2 million saved from the recent organised crime inquiry, which wrapped up under budget.

The Orion team will work alongside the existing Taskforce Argos, focusing on people who use “peer-to-peer” networks, or the so-called Darknet, to share child pornography.

Mr Stewart said the six members of the taskforce would need a specific skill set and the Queensland Police Service (QPS) may need to look internationally to find them.

“The most prolific and worst offenders use the greatest level of IT subterfuge to try and subvert any law enforcement activity to try and subvert them, so you need very significant specialists to go after that,” he said.

“These are specialist capabilities that we’re going to buy into the organisation, so they may not be police officers at all, they may be IT experts. Their skill set is quite rare.”

Mr Stewart was asked if the funding would be enough to achieve what the Government wanted the QPS to achieve.

“There is always the need for more, there is no doubt about that and we are grateful that we are getting extra money to go after these people,” he said.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said this was only the first stage.

“I want to see the results of how the new Taskforce Orion operates and, of course, we will have more follow-up conversations with the commissioner,” she said.

The funding will also allow extra training for regional officers in child exploitation investigations, and more storage capacity for evidence databases.

Source: ABC News