Moreton Bay and Gympie councils pledge support for Sunshine Coast Airport expansion

The regional benefits of the proposed Sunshine Coast Airport expansion have been recognised, with both Moreton Bay and Gympie councils throwing their support behind this game-changing project.

The project includes a new runway which will enable larger, more fuel-efficient aircraft to access the airport and result in 3500 fewer dwellings affected by noise each day.

The expansion will help boost tourism and international trade and contribute $4.1 billion to the local economy. It will also generate more than 2230 jobs between 2020 and 2040.

Moreton Bay Mayor Allan Sutherland said the Sunshine Coast Airport expansion would benefit the Moreton Bay region's residents and businesses, especially those in the export sector.

"Our Council supports this project for a number of reasons including the increased international and domestic connectivity for residents within the south-east corner and in particular for our northern most residents in Caboolture and tourist destinations of Woodford and Bribie Island and surrounds," Mayor Sutherland said.

"The expanded Sunshine Coast Airport will enable more visitors to access the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay regions directly – meaning significant benefits for local businesses and more visitors being able to experience our destination.

"There will be increased opportunity for export development and capacity outside the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay regions and the project will enhance connections between the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and the global economy.

"As the fastest growing local economy in Queensland and with Sunshine Coast following closely behind, this project will help to stimulate growth and development in the Moreton Bay region and support regional development in Queensland."

Mayor Sutherland's support for the project is echoed by Gympie Regional Council, with Mayor Mick Curran and his councillors endorsing the expansion.

"We backed the airport plan because of the clear benefits for our region," Mayor Curran said.

""The agricultural and food processing industry is a significant contributor to the $2 billion GRP of the Gympie region (9.1%) with multinational and national companies having significant investment in processing and production plants in the region.

"The total value of exports to the Gympie economy was estimated at $455.1 million in 2013/14.

"Growers and processors exporting time sensitive freight such as fresh persimmons, stone fruit, processed and fresh macadamia nuts and seafood will reap the benefits of faster time to market, reliable departure and arrival times and less risk of theft or damage.

"It is also anticipated that construction, engineering, manufacturing and service based businesses in the Gympie region will have the opportunity to tender for supply opportunities during the construction phase of the Airport expansion when work packages are released."

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson welcomed the support from the neighbouring councils.

"The airport expansion is a game-changing project for the region which will benefit generations to come," Mayor Jamieson said.

"It will potentially cater for up to two million more passengers each year and enable more flights to more locations in Australia and across the globe, such as Asia and the Western Pacific enabling access to connecting flights to the rest of the world."

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Fast Facts:
The Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project will:
·         contribute $4.1 billion to the Sunshine Coast economy (2020-2040)
·         result in 3500 fewer dwellings being affected by noise each day by 2020 and 5200 fewer dwellings by 2040
·         generate more than 2230 jobs
·         ensure the region has a fully-compliant runway into the future
·         provide access for larger, more fuel-efficient aircraft
·         enable more direct flights to more locations in Australia, Asia and the Western Pacific
·         help boost tourism and international trade
·         help our export businesses, particularly those operating in the food and agribusiness sectors, to get their products and services to markets faster and more efficiently
·         be completed by 2020, subject to obtaining all necessary approvals and funding.


Source: MySunshine Coast

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