Wowsers! Trousers ! Whopping huge snake found on Sunshine Coast

You call that a snake? THIS is a snake!

A group of trail bike riders at Glass House Mountains came across this huge carpet python while out on a ride.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Richie Gilbert shared the photo on his Facebook page saying the biggest python he’s ever caught on the Coast was 3.1m and “I reckon this one would be longer than that!”

“The carpet python is in the foreground with the motorbike rider in the background which makes it look bigger than it actually is,” Mr Gilbert said.

“However, it still looks to be an extremely big snake and certainly one I would love to put a tape measure on.

“I’m not going to guess at its length as its too hard to tell from this photo but I will say that the longest python I have caught on the Sunshine Coast was 3.1m and I reckon this one would be longer than that!”

Source: Caboolture News