Taxpayers paying rent on Queensland independent MP Billy Gordon's unstaffed Torres Strait office

Taxpayers have been paying to keep open the Torres Strait office of embattled Queensland independent MP Billy Gordon despite it being unstaffed all year.

When constituents phone the Thursday Island office, they are still greeted with a message from Mr Gordon's predecessor, former Liberal National Party MP David Kempton, who lost the seat nine months ago.

Mr Gordon has two offices in his vast far north Queensland electorate, but he has not hired anyone for the Thursday Island office.

Parliament clerk Neil Laurie said Parliamentary Services had continued to pay rent on the office.

While it was used on occasion by the first-time MP, Mr Laurie said it had not been opened to constituents.

Mr Laurie said the lease would be renewed based on recent advice from Mr Gordon that the office would soon be open "on a more regular basis" and staffed.

Mr Kempton said he tried to keep the office open for a few hours each morning and would work out of there once a month.

'No representation in the Cape'

Mr Gordon, who did not respond to the ABC's request for an interview is entitled to two offices and an extra staff member due to the size of the Cook seat

It was revealed this week that he had been standing in at events in the far north for Sports Minister Bill Byrne, who did not notify the Premier.

Our roads are the worst they've been since the LNP were voted out, David Kempton. We're just getting nothing, mate.
Cape York publican Barry Mulley

Mr Gordon quit Labor in March before he was expelled for concealing his criminal history.

Mr Gordon has come under fire from critics within the electorate over his performance.

Cape York publican Barry Mulley said Mr Gordon failed to show up at several meetings, including the one planned for Monday.

"It's just absolutely ridiculous, mate," Mr Mulley said.

"No representation in the Cape.

"Our roads are the worst they've been since the LNP were voted out, David Kempton. We're just getting nothing, mate."

Source: ABC News

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