Sunshine Coast exporters meet international trade commissioners to discuss economic opportunities

The Sunshine Coast Council says a visit to the region by a group of international trade commissioners has been a huge success.

Trade Commissioners from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North America and Latin America met local exporters on the coast on Friday to discuss trade and investment opportunities.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said it was a momentous visit.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever had all of the trade commissioners from around the world here on the Sunshine Coast, so that does give us a unique opportunity to help them understand and see the opportunities that exist here,” he said.

“Many of these trade commissioners we’ve dealt with in their overseas market but to have them here and to see first-hand what’s happening is a big benefit for them when they’re selling our region.”

Trade and Investment Queensland’s commissioner for North America, David Camerlengo, said he was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Sunshine Coast exporters.

“Meeting with a number of some quite innovative companies and innovative entrepreneurs that I think we all walked away very pleasantly surprised at how already globally-thinking that they are,” he said.

“They’re already looking out and already doing business in a lot of our markets and it’s refreshing.”

Source: ABC News