Sunshine Coast building approvals up 17pc as council maps out major developments

The Sunshine Coast council says building approvals for the July to September quarter are up 17 per cent on the same period last year.

The council said it had received building applications for almost $400 million worth of construction in the last quarter.

Council said that was a $100 million increase on the previous three months.

Some of the applications lodged include precinct plans for the Maroochydore CBD redevelopment, aged care facilities and a new supermarket in Beerwah.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said building approvals had been more than $1 billion for each of the past three years.

Councillor Jamieson said the continuing growth across the region was encouraging and a great indicator of the health of the local economy.

New online map highlights big projects

Meanwhile, the council said a new online map that highlighted significant developments in the past year would help inform residents.

The map gives an insight into the larger developments that have either been approved or lodged in the past year.

Cr Jamieson said it was important council was prepared for the estimated 150,000 new residents expected on the coast in the next 20 years.

“There’s no point being surprised when they arrive but that’s where some of these development fronts are so helpful,” he said.

“Think of Caloundra South. It’s a 50,000-person city development all master planned with all infrastructure funded by the developer and or the State Government.

“Now that really is outstanding. I mean there’s one third of our growth over the next 20 years already well planned for.”

Cr Jamieson said the map gave an insight into the diversity of development and the geographic spread.

“Where there is significant intensity it’s highlighted quite clearly but it takes people through the sorts of developments that are occurring around their areas,” he said.

“It’s colour coded and so people can see the sort of subdivision development versus commercial development, versus other types of development, so it’ll give them a very clear idea of what’s happening, where it’s happening, what it’s for.”

Source: ABC News