Signage changes in Wamuran – Andrew Powell Member for Glasshouse

Wamuran residents know only too well the challenges with living alongside a very busy highway. As long as I have been the state representative for this great area, people have approached me to help make various traffic and safety improvements along the DAguilar Highway.

Of course the biggest success story is the significant upgrade that we will soon see delivered at several sections along the DAguilar Highway thanks to a contribution from the Federal Government. In addition to this, after being approached by the Wamuran Neighbourhood Watch, I asked TMR to consider making some changes to the speed limit signage near Wamuran.

The community would be aware that the 60km/h speed zone was slightly extended earlier this year with the re-positioning of the sign, but now we have been advised that TMR will be introducing a town entry statement which will change the road environment and encourage motorists to slow down. The entry statement, known as a Township Entry Treatment (TET) will be installed on both approaches to Wamuran.

The TET will include dual entry statement speed limit signs in combination with a painted road surface. The TET aims to create increased awareness and compliance to a reduced speed limit that typically applies in townships located along higher speed rural roads.

The 60km/h speed limit sign on the westbound approach to Wamuran will be located just at the start of the left hand curve into Wamuran. This location will be relatively close to the original location of the speed limit sign, and in combination with the high standard signage and line marking treatment, will address the concerns raised by the Wamuran NHW.

This is such a great outcome for our community and I will update residents again as soon as I have information on the proposed installation timeframes.