Should the Sunshine Coast serve food on the sand?

Sometimes lying on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches isn’t enough. Sometimes you want some pizza or a cold drink.

And now it appears Queensland’s Sunshine and Gold coasts are considering making those dreams come true.

The Gold Coast council is considering whether to allow beach-goers to buy food and drink on the beach, following an example set by Asian and European destinations.

And the Sunshine Coast is paying close attention.

Fairfax reports the Gold Coast council will next week debate whether to allow commercial activities on its beaches.

A committee has already recommended to the council to allow it in specific areas.

Gold Coast councillor Bob La Castra — who opposes the idea — said people could ring and pre-order their food or drink then have it delivered to them on the beach.

Their order would be paid for by credit card over the phone.

He said it would open a “can of worms”, starting with how sellers would find their customers on a crowded beach.

Sunshine Coast Chambers of Commerce Alliance president Mike Shadforth said the idea was worth considering, as long as it was not rolled out on every beach.

“But certainly in some locations, I think it would be an amazing result, for a holiday experience, particularly in front of resorts.”

“It is worth investigating.”

Source: Caboolture News