Labor claims to protect electoral fairness for Queenslanders

Tonight the Palaszczuk Labor Government rejected the LNPs plan to introduce more politicians and return the gerrymander to Queenslands electoral laws.

By defeating the LNPs Private Members Bill, introduced by Member for Mansfield Ian Walker, on the floor of the Parliament, Labor has protected the one vote, one value principle which was at the core of the Fitzgerald Inquiry reforms introduced by the Goss Government.

This is an LNP Opposition with no plans for Queensland jobs, no plans for Queenslands economic or social future. The LNPs only plan is to try to give Queenslanders more politicians and take them back to Joh years.

Labor believes that all Queenslanders are valuable members of our community and each of their votes count.

It is shocking that in 2015 we still have to argue to defend the fundamental right of all Queenslanders to have a system based on one vote, one value.

This government is investing in health services, education and other crucial front line services across this state. Queenslanders want better services, not more politicians.

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