Gold Coast police warn of phone scam demanding unpaid taxes payment could Moreton Bay Region Be next

Police are warning of a potential phone scam on the Gold Coast.

The officer in charge of the Nerang station said at least six people were phoned and asked for money in the suburbs of Nerang and Carrara yesterday.

Senior Sergeant Peter Gordon said the callers had been persistent.

"They have received phone calls from people purporting to be from the Australian Taxation Office demanding payment of unpaid taxes, some of them have been allegedly worth thousands of dollars," he said.

"Apparently these people have been behaving in quite an aggressive and threatening manner on the phone and we have had one lady who indicated to us she was about to pay these moneys that were claimed by this person.

"There's been a number of similar type scams going around where people have been approached purporting to be from Telstra ... and the Australian Taxation Office etc, so I hope that people are aware through various communication outlets that these scams are occurring."

He said anyone who had concerns about phone calls they had received should contact police or the Australian Taxation Office.

There are fears the Gold Coast is not isolated that other regions of Queensland such as Brisbane and Moreton Bay Region may also be effected

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