Lakeside Raceway in the news again. Questions remain unanswered as to why MBRC rent a 150 acres for the base rent of $180 p/wk for 40 years to a private business? Mayor Sutherland, Crs. Charlton and Dwyer received campaign donations from the lessee Queensland Raceways. Is consideration being given to ratepayers or campaign donor’s?

THE Langley family have been Lakeside Raceways closest neighbours since the track was built in the 60s and have grown accustomed to the noise – but not dust.

Bill Langley said the dust blew onto the south western side of his 87 acre cattle farm, during a practice run on a new rallycross track, built in July and about 300 metres from the family home.

Rallycross involves cars racing on a combination of dirt and tarmac.

You could clearly see where the dust had settled on the grass, Bills son Perry Langley said before adding the ordeal had been very stressful for his father.

You certainly wouldnt want to hang your washing out while it was happening, Bill Langley said. Afterwards there was coat of brown dust on the house and the shed.

John Tetley, who leases the raceway from Moreton Bay Regional Council, said the track was now wet down, by a truck, to suppress the dust.

It was very expensive clay and it wasnt supposed to dust up when it did, Mr Tetley said.

The Langleys said they were also upset that Lakeside Raceway did not tell them the event was on, a new dirt track had been approved for construction and asked why the council had not publicly exhibited plans.

A spokesman from the council said the track was approved in 2008.

As the rallycross track was an approved ancillary use under the 2008 development approval, Lakeside was not required by state planning law to submit a new development application, the council spokesman said.

Any incident where dust suppression measures do not achieve desired results should be reported to council for investigation.

Mr Langley said he would send photos of the dust, on his property, to the council.

Source: Quest News & Sources

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