Construction on Bunya SES hub takes shape

Bunya’s new SES hub is taking shape with completion of the first slab for the depot’s new administration building.

 Local Disaster Management Group Deputy Chair and Division 10 Councillor Matt Constance said the project is designed to provide a purpose-built facility to accommodate growth in Arana Hills SES activities and better support the local volunteers.

 The project will include the construction of a new 390m2 administration centre and training facility at James Drysdale Reserve, Bunya and increased storage for emergency vehicles.

 “More than 120 cubic metres of concrete was poured for the new administration and training building and storage shed,” Cr Constance said.

 “This new facility will support our local community and the development and growth of our SES volunteers.

 “In times of severe weather, search and rescues or major events it’s often our hardworking SES volunteers who are the first on scene assisting our community and emergency services.

 “The new depot and admin centre will provide our SES volunteers with new training and equipment storage facilities. 

 In preparation for the construction of the administration building, a number of works have already been undertaken earlier this month including waterproofing retaining walls, electrical and drainage works among others.

 This week works will continue on the admin building as well as vehicle storage area.

 The building replaces the old SES depot, which was a two-storey home built in 1970.

 Construction is expected to be complete by mid-2019, weather permitting.

Cr Constance reminded residents that it’s now storm season and encouraged locals to be prepared.

 “By preparing better before disaster hits, you’ll help take the strain off our volunteers during the emergency response period so that our local SES crews can focus on those who need help most.”

 Checklist: How ready are you? A few simple steps can help you get ready.

  • Know the risks – think about the risks in your local area. How could a cyclone, severe storm, flood or bushfire impact you?
  • Prepare your family – prepare an emergency plan about how to respond to local risks, including an emergency kit of essential items including a torch, battery operated radio and spare food and water (for at least three days).
  • Prepare your property – check your gutters, roof, and insurance for house and other property. Get to know your neighbours and see if you can work together to get ready.
  • Stay alert – tune in to warnings with MoretonAlert (register at or call council 3205 0555), listen to radio updates or log onto the Bureau of Metereology’s website.
  • Take action – activate your emergency plan, locate your emergency kit, secure loose items and if you are evacuating do so early and check road conditions before setting off.

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