Palaszczuk Government Extends for Protections for Manufactured Parks Residents

Over a thousand people in Bancroft, living in Manufactured Home parks now enjoy greater consumer protections thanks to the Palaszczuk Government, said Member for Bancroft Chris Whiting.


“I have been working with the Minister for Housing and Public Works for years to get better protections for residents in the home parks,” said Chris Whiting.


“These changes will enhance the rights of residents through enforceable behavioural standards focusing on how park owners, staff and residents interact.


“There will now be a formal resolution process, which will encourage in-park dispute resolution.


“I am so please to say that residents cannot be prohibited from forming resident’s or home owners committees.


“Another outlawed practice is imposing fees on visitors. We heard stories about residents across the state being charged to have a GP, friend or even a grandchild visit them,” said Chris Whiting.


“These changes are a win for local residents, and deliver huge improvements to their lifestyles.


“It is very satisfying to see these significant reforms, as I have been working with home park residents for nearly 20 years to see real change,” said Mr Whiting.


These latest reforms are part of the Palaszczuk Government’s $1.8 billion Queensland Housing Strategy 2017-2027.


A manufactured home is a structure that has the character of a dwelling house, but it designed to be moved from one position to another and is not permanently attached to land. Many are used by pensioners aged over 50.


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