The Temptation to eat in Hasking Street heralds the arrival of the naughty and nice

The rebirth of eating well in Caboolture has begun at the grassroots, and on the ground, nestled in town at a place that is evolving with a social gathering of friends, associates and like minded people.

A place to go to be naughty or nice with regards to the fine foods you enjoy, while enjoying the wonderful weather that the Moreton Bay Region is famous for with cover just in case the weather has other ideas.

There is no need to go to Brisbane for that place to go for entertainment, good food and an atmosphere that attracts memories of a great time out.

Welcome to 1/11 Hasking Street at Temptations Cafe with the revamp over, the menu unveiled and the dream reality only waiting for you to sample it, tell your friends on social media and watch the rebirth mature.

We caught up with Brendan Baxter who made the choice to transform Temptations in Hasking Street to a venue of the future by doing it different to what other eateries do.

Brendan explained it was no accident to arrive here and now, with a history of growing up interested in food preparation from a very young age of 9 with pizza the item that started it all, continuing in to his 5 year military career in the Army a tough crowd to please  but successful.

Working his way after Army life in Darwin as a chef, then moving back to Brisbane working in Ipswich at pubs and clubs, a stint in the mining industry as a chef.

Finally moving to beautiful Bribie Island and having a stint as head chef at Australia Zoo serving upwards of 6000 people a day from 5 different sites.

The sum of these experiences, culminating Brendan to understand the many challenges in not just cooking but managing people, logistics, business acumen as well as developing a vision for the future.

That future started with the purchase of Temptations in Hasking Street with it’s open kitchen part of the charm.

Brendan’s wife Stevie is part of the journey and adding to its success as well as being a mum to 5 in the family.

Brendan had working at other café's in the area and knew the potential to do something different and when Temptations became available he jumped at it.

That difference is in the menu with its Naughty and Nice concept, picture this a couple go out for a place to eat, it’s been observed typically by Brendan the girl wants to have something healthy and the guy wants a hamburger, it was also observed that café’s also will cater for one kind of taste at the exclusion of others, so this concept is more flexible cornering a market that was not being met locally.

The Kids do not miss out with their own menu also in the Naughty and Nice Concept incorporated

The inner decor was changed with painting scheme altered to match the timber finishing's adding class, all done within the family.

Catering is part of the vision that is being developed and today a group of locals were enjoying the good times with friends earlier in September Brendan first tested the waters with a CentreLink gathering of some 30 people recently which was successful, and has  helped fine tune menu options for future catering opportunities.

Brendan says that catering will grow as part of the business not just for gatherings at Temptations on Hasking Street, but also deliveries to the local area, so areas like Elimbah, Narangba Bribie Island could be catered for in the future.

Staff wise there is Brendan who is always very hands on, his wife Stevie joins in when needed and there are two other very capable staff on hand.

If you after a coffee or tea there is plenty of variety to meet your individual tastes as well as naughty and nice refreshing cold drinks to compliment you stay.

For now it’s all about building up the week day needs of visitors to the restaurant and then everything else will grow in time.

Music is part of adding the mood, however in the future Brendan is looking to incorporate live intimate entertainment with acoustic sessions catering for that Mediterranean feel to outdoor dining.

If you are looking for more personal attention then visit Temptations and chat to Brendan personally.

Of course you can pre order to dining experience by phone 53303705, you can find them on social media at Temptations Café Caboolture on Facebook or Instagram

Social Media is part of that strategy of building the future on both Facebook and Instagram why not take a photo of your experience at Temptations and upload it on line and spread the word

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