wants to survey from Longman voters, your opinions, concerns and how you will vote

Raphaella Kathryn Crosby is the lead researcher at, and they are looking for people in the Federal Electorate of Longman to take part in surveys.

It is a good time too with the Federal By Election set for July 28, and if you didn't know there was an election on then we recommend you visit our primer page called We have a trifecta in the Longman Federal By Election, which has all the stories on the by election that is available on our site , or By Election 2018: Federal Seat of Longman Profile where you can get to know your candidates.

Back to, Raphaella Kathryn Crosby is the director of the Voter Choice Project, a national study of how people decide who to vote for.

It's the research component of my PhD at University of Technology Sydney, and includes a special focus on the by-elections.

If your a voter then the study wants you to take part in the survey which is on going even after the by election and will also cover issues leading up to the next Federal Election that is anticipated mid 2019.

this project is open to any one who is a voter on the electoral roll anywhere in Australia, the analysis of data will be broken to to every federal electorate in the nation as well as State and National snapshots being offered over time.

With your opinions and answers to survey questions are kept secure and no data is sent to third party vendors.

Raphaella Kathryn Crosby says not even she has access to anything that could identify individuals but the good news with more people taking part, so does the accuracy of the statistical data and that helps evaluate what voters are concerned about and what trends are happening right now.

Raphaella Kathryn Crosby says to improve on the accuracy she would love to see more people taking part in the surveys and there is a survey set for thhis Sunday 15th of July so  its not too late to get involved simply visit sign up and await your confirmation email then you will be invited to take part in the next surveys as they are rolled out , plus you can opt out at any time

The time for each survey is around 10-15 minutes but may be longer if you include long answers.

Raphaella Kathryn Crosby says she hopes more people get on board and take part by in Longman to sign up.


Raphaella Kathryn Crosby is currently working on my PhD in voter decision making at UTS. The Voter Choice Project will conduct panel studies in the lead up to the Australian Federal election, with a focus study on the 5 by-elections in July 2018, to find out why Australians vote for their chosen parties and candidates and what influences those decisions. Any Australian voter can take part in the project: find out more at, follow on Twitter @voterchoiceau or on Facebook @voterchoiceau.

Previously a political and communication strategy consultant usually implementing large or complex integrated campaigns for recruitment, behaviour change or election outcomes. With a broad experience base on the left, right and centre of politics as well as corporate marcomms, my real expertise is in seeing the whole board and fixing what you didn't know was broken.

Specialising in recovery and rebuild, or otherwise helping organisations get out of challenging situations, I have consulted to a variety of organisations in a predominantly marketing, communication or strategic management function at a progressively senior level. Includes a number of extensive change management projects, extensive external and internal communications, political and policy work, social media and digital communications, budget and other management.

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