Labor must upgrade Sugar-Mooloolaba Road Intersection : Brent Mickelberg - Member for Buderim

Member for Buderim Brent Mickelberg asked a question of the Minister for Transport and Main Roads in Parliament today, in an effort to push the Government to fix the dangerous and congested Sugar-Mooloolaba Road intersection.


Mr Mickelberg said the necessary improvements to the Sugar-Mooloolaba Road intersection would increase safety and ease traffic congestion.


“This is a vital safety upgrade and something I have been calling for since last year’s election campaign,” Mr Mickelberg said.


“Noting the overwhelming community support and demonstrated need for these works, I call upon the Government to commit to upgrading this intersection.”


“For too long the Buderim community has been stuck in traffic because of inaction from the Labor Government,” Mr Mickelberg said.


“Improving the Sugar-Mooloolaba Road intersection is one of my top priorities and I will continue to fight to ensure the people of Buderim get their share”.


Photo: Brent Mickelberg MP and frustrated local road user discussing congestion and safety issues at Sugar-Mooloolaba Road intersection

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