Those finding it tough and homeless to take advantage Telstra Free public phone box calls and wifi on Christmas

Telstra has announced it is offering free phone calls and Wi-Fi access so Australians can contact their loved ones over the Christmas break.

From Christmas Eve until Boxing Day, Telstra is rolling out free local, national and standard mobile calls from all fixed Telstra landlines and also from more than 16,000 payphones dotted across the country for the 72-hour period.

This follows Telstra's decision last year to offer the service which only offered free phone calls.

More than 271,000 free calls were made during the three-day period.

But in addition this Christmas, free calls from landlines have also been added and also free access to wi-fi from selected Telstra Air public hot spots.

Telstra says this will gave Australians the chance to contact family and friends without paying a cent.

This will most assist by something as simple as removing the barrier of the cost of a call means that even the most disadvantaged Australians have the opportunity to reach out to their friends, family or support networks this Christmas, so this initiative ensures that anyone in Australia will have access to a phone to make a call and connect with friends and family at Christmas.

Anyone can pick up the phone at one of our payphones around the country to make a free call, it's that simple and that easy.

Australians can also use free wi-fi at selected Telstra Air hot spots available in the vicinity of payphones.

Note: Telstra said the free calls does not include international calls, 13 number and premium and directory services. It is advised when visiting especially shopping centres that the public phone is a genuine Telstra phone and not a third party provider which this service will not be available from.

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