Sales is not all hard work, its about us getting to know you and you getting to us and together making your business as success

When you have a radio station that's been around for now over 30 years, you might think we know a little bit about radio.

The same can be said for businesses, after all the first 5 years is crucial in building your branding and building relationships, so its generally accepted you probably know a little bit about your business.

Radio is always there when you need us most and the great thing is, you do not even have to concentrate much on the content a lot of it is subliminal so the message always gets through, while you get on with you family life, your work and your relaxation.

Our team in sales have a track record in the industry and are always on hand to not only deliver what is right for you but have a keen insight into what makes a great message to promote your business.

This is where we can get to know each other in partnership so we both benefit from a professional and yet personal working relationship.

Why do you think our sales staff are so happy? .. Its where we live !

Bev working in paradise near the Pumicestone Passage at Sandstone Point, don't you wish your office was as beautiful

Now lets introduce you to our team headed by Bev Williams who has worked here for almost a decade previously worked in the top flight New Zealand radio Networks in the competitive Kiwi market, that gives Bev the edge and that edge can be your advantage in the Competitive market between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Plus if you got ideas Bev will listen.

Paulie has the palms behind her while she has the Australia's most livable office in Moreton Bay Region this time in Sandstone Point

Next lets introduce Paulie now there are some hidden secrets behind Pauli's success starting with being mentors by Bev but dig deeper you may recognise the voice in national advertsing or perhaps as a well loved radio personality on Brisbane radio, we will let you have a chat with Pauli next time you discuss what options to build your business

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