Aussie hip hop act's collaboration with Idol hits the right notes

Gold Coast based hip hop duo, Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell have proven the power of the internet when trying to crack the notoriously difficult music industry.

Lane Harry, 22 was blown away upon hearing a new track by his favourite band, The Griswolds on Triple J that he reached out to the internationally-acclaimed three-piece Sydney-based indie rock band's manager via email.

“I first heard The Griswolds' song Beware The Dog on Triple J, and almost crashed my car trying to Shazam it,” said Lane.

“I have been a real fan of their music for a while, so I emailed their manager in search of someone to manage us, and he linked us up with Dan (lead singer and songwriter, Daniel Duque-Perez).

“I’ve flown down to Sydney twice in the last two months, and we've spent days in the studio working on new music together.

“Ike and I have really hit it off with Dan - he is an absolute legend.”

The feeling is clearly mutual with the threesome collaborating on new track 'The Dash', set for release in October.

This is not the first time the duo have connected with an idol - with a unique style of music and ground-breaking sounds, Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell gained the attention of Australia's answer to Eminem, 360.

Songwriter Lane, who was only 18 at the time, had been trying for months to reach out to 360, but it was when a song he wrote was heard by the Aussie hip hop superstar that a friendship and artistic alliance was formed.

“360 was my idol in high school and one of the main reasons i wanted to do hip hop,” said Lane.

“He heard a song I recorded called 'Open Season' after I had been trying to get his attention for months on end. He posted one of my songs online when he was on tour with Eminem, and at one of the Eminem after parties, he invited me to come along.

“I was 18 without a car or any money, and my Dad actually drove me up to the club in Brisbane. Ike had been at the Eminem show and we met outside, went in together and met 360.

“Since then we’ve opened for him multiple times, and worked on music together as well as being good friends outside of music.

“The fact that we supported his tour years after going to see him live is always a great reminder of how far we've come. He has given us endless support, the guy is a legend,” said music and sound producer, Ike Campbell.

The boys, who met at high school and formed Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell in 2012, have goals like all young and upcoming artists: short-term they aim to be the biggest act domestically in terms of record sales.

Their long-term goal is to be a ground-breaking international act influencing contemporary sounds of pop and hip hop.

Lane and Ike believe what makes their music unique is that the writing process is different every time.

“Sometimes I work on something and Lane writes to it, other times I might produce something around what Lane's already written, or we build a song up from scratch together,” said Ike.

“Our music is as intricate as we are. Every song takes on a life of its own, you can interpret the lyrics from multiple aspects and the beats Ike puts together are so easy to take in, it's almost like a trance,” added Lane.

“The best way I could narrow it down is our music is the sonic equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.”

The pair, who took out the title of Album of the Year at the last two consecutive Gold Coast Music Awards, have also won a legion of fans, including Guy Cooper, head of independent record label Human Records, to which they are signed.

“I first met Lane back at the Conservatorium of Music as a student in my audio class,” said Guy.

“I was drawn to his rapping and determination. He clearly had the passion and lyrical skill to do something with it.

“I met Ike through Lane that year, and helped them with their debut album "Love & Terror Cult". It was a great experience, and we all connected well as a team, so I signed them to Human Records, and three years & 86 songs later, I couldn't be more proud to be a part of LHXIC.”

And their ultimate collaboration?

“It would be our ‘we made it moment’ if we were to work with Kanye West,” said Lane.

“Kanye is the dream,” added Ike.

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