Short term weather trends to March 18, 2018

The Bureau of Meteorology has declared a Weak La Nina pattern for 2017-2018, at any rate consensus among climatologists are that this La Niña event will be both weak and short lived

The Bureau has released their cyclone outlook for the season.

February 19-26 Dry in North Queensland and Upper level systems with a significant system should impact in rainfall for South East Queensland stemming from the slow moving and strengthening upper level trough system and a surface trough will deepen that will move slowly north with 50-60mm rain expected over the week from Tuesday through to Sunday or Monday.  The Swell from Tropical Cyclone Gita as it moves south will also continue to impact with swell on coastal regions .

February 26-March 4 Upper level systems with average Summer storms possible for SEQ. A low pressure zone is likely to influence Queenland's weather along with Monsoonal flow developing in the Gulf of Carpenteria and this may travel south along the Queensland coast.  South East Queensland stands a good chance of of being wetter then average during this week. 

March 5-11 Wetter then average conditions for South East Queensland possibly one cyclone starting in one of two locations either in the Gulf of Carpenteria or in The Northern Coral Sea one of these cyclones may inpact of coastal Queensland and possibly impacting on South East Queensland with the Queensland interior missing out.

March 12-18 Another cyclone signal is possible from the Coral Sea with the system projected to head for the Whitsunday region and heading back out to sea similar to cyclone Debbie and impacting with wetter weather for South East Queensland as this possible cyclone being wettest on the south side of it.

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