Short term weather trends to November 23

We are currently teetering on the edge of Weak La Nina thresholds.

The Bureau has released their cyclone outlook for the season.

This recent rain events have added three months of extra drinking water for southeast Queensland residents, with many dams replenished to near-capacity to the tune of  86 billion litres of rainfall entering the regions' dams.

Wivenhoe Dam has increased by 2 per cent, Somerset Dam has increased by 6 per cent and North Pine Dam has increased by 5 per cent.

Most of the dams are at capacity or nearing capacity with water levels ensuring plenty of water provided we have a normal monsoonal summer.

Sunday rain will decrease to towards for the remainder of the week with some sunny days.

For the last week of October though the first week of November it is more likely to be dryer.

The remainder of October through to November 23 is forecast to have a mix of some sunny days with typical possible showers and thunderstorms more likely during mid to latter part of  November.

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Dams Update

SEQ Water advises that low level flow releases have ceased.

Should they be required here is where to get  Sandbags in the Moreton Bay Region

Road closures due to flood waters

6 roads currently closed

Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Road At Masseys Creek Court
Dayboro Lees Crossing Road
King Scrub Bond Road
Mount Delaney Dewhurts Road
Neurum Rasmussen Road
Woodford Old Cove Road At Blackrock Creek

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