Bureau Of Meteorology Cyclone predictions for 2017-2018

Up to thirteen cyclones are set to be forming in the Australian area of Responsibility as forecasted by the BOM in their Seasonal Outlook, throughout the summer months, including one 'devastating' system that'll likely cross Queensland's coast.

The predictions are a part of the Bureau of Meteorology's seasonal outlook, which is being released today ahead of a briefing to Federal Cabinet. 

“We’d look to be getting about 10 to 13 tropical cyclones forming somewhere in Australian waters this year. If we look at east to the Coral Sea and the surrounding oceans that means about four tropical cyclones with one potentially impacting Queensland,” BoM's Victoria Dodds said. 

Moreton Bays Home Of Emergency Information  with the Moreton Bay Regional Council, Bureau Of Meteorology, Queensland Emergency Services and Queensland Police Service; will keep everyone informed before during and after major storm events.

Overall, it's likely to be a fairly typical Australian summer: 

Concensus for

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