ARB North Lakes gets its name out there at Farm Fantastic 2017

Scott Jenkins is the man to talk to at  ARB North Lakes and he is pleased to be exposed to a lot of new people and a lot of new products at Farm Fantastic 2017

One of the new products is a full stainless steel all weather fridge now at ARB called the "Elements Fridge" with 60 litre capacity that can be bolted on the back of a ute and lockable on a work vehicle which adds to a series of fridges that have been available for some time.

Scott has brought in staff from several ARB stores in Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast to experience Farm Fantastic 2017  and Reps that are stockists that supply ARB were on hand with their knowledge for inquiries.

Since 1975 ARB has been at the forefront of serving off road and 4 Wheel drive vehicle enthusiasts with products often engineered at ARB with long lasting usage and functionality, a staple of ARB products

Staffed by passionate people is noteworthy for all ARB stores, go on line to get more information online website and on facebook .

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