The next wave of online attacks eminent : Adylkuzz

Another global cyber-attack on a scale that could dwarf last week’s WannaCry hack is underway.

The new attack targets the same vulnerabilities the WannaCry virus exploited but, rather than freeze files, it uses the hundreds of thousands of ‘slave’ computers to mine virtual currency.

After the WannaCry ransomware infected more than 300,000 computers worldwide in an unprecedented cyber-attack over the weekend,  a new attack has been discovered called Adylkuzz.

Rather than demand a payment to unfreeze a disabled computer as WannaCry does, Adylkuzz makes no announcement when it invades computers.

Instead, the virus stealthily recruits infected computers into a network of ‘cryptocurrency’ miners that fill the hackers’ digital wallets with a secretive unit of exchange called Monero.

Symptoms of the attack include loss of access to shared Windows resources and degradation of PC and server performance, effects which some users may not notice immediately.

As it is silent and doesn’t trouble the user, the Adylkuzz attack is much more profitable for the cyber criminals. It transforms the infected users into unwitting financial supporters of their attackers.

Adylkuzz has been on the loose since at least May 2, and perhaps even since April 24, but due to its stealthy nature was not immediately detected.

More attacks could be soon be underway as the hacker group TheShadowBrokers that leaked the vulnerabilities used by WannaCry and Adylkuzz has threatened to publish more.

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