Diane & Cameron Schubert talked about what Tourettes are and how it can affect people with Tourettes Syndrome

Tourettes Syndrome can effect people in a lot of different ways the most common effects are eye blinking and other eye movements, facial grimacing, shoulder shrugging, and head or shoulder jerking. Simple vocal tics may include throat-clearing, sniffing/snorting, grunting, or barking. More complex vocal tics include words or phrases.

Diane & Cameron also talked about Cameron being on Channel 9 on the 9th of May at 11:30 Am. Cameron will be talking about Tourettes and how it has affected him and how it can affect other people.

If you would like more information about Cameron Schubert you can visit http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-11-19/tourettes-camp-an-eye-opener-for-young-sufferers/8035924

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