Nick Crockford talked about the upcoming Anzac Day for this year and one particular story Nick wanted to talk about is,

Pride Of Place

When Mr McClure was 21 he went to enlist for World War II, but he was denied the right to fight in the war because he sheered sheep for a living but then Mr McClure said that he had no job he was enlisted into World War II, Mr McClure has stories of bringing in Prisoners of War to interrogate them and even has stories of the places he went to when the War was ending. 

Mr McClure’s memories of World War II and the loss of his mates is still very raw but is thankful that he has the opportunity that can lead the march for the fist time this year. If you would like to view more about this story you can do so here

This year marks 100 years for the Battle of Beersheba and a Woodford local Shane Alloway will be thinking for what part the waler horse played for the historic battle, Mr Alloway served in the Australian Army for 20 years and for that he usally marches at Redcliffe with his Waler horse but unfortunately he will not be walking this year for an result of him breaking his leg.

In the Battle of Beersheba Walers Became legendary due to their feats of bravery and endurance at the charge of the 4th Light Horse at Beersheba. If you would like more information about this story you can visit here

This next story is about Shaira Keys when she was seven her Vietnam veteran father Stuart Keys was diagnosed with cancer.

Her family which was living in the Philippines, moved to Australia so her father could receive treatment.

Ms Keys said their first Christmas in Australia as a family, then four days after Christmas on the 29th of December her father passed away, the now 19 year old Caboolture woman said Legacy played a life changing role after Ms Keys father's death.

If you would like more information about this story you can visit here


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