Red Cross Mobile Donor locations in the Moreton Bay Region and why donate

Every blood donation made helps save three lives a vital statistic that resonates with the local community and it is so easy with less then an hour of your time can made the difference between life and death for some one else in the community.

People of all walks of life need blood products. Some need it to get them through a serious event in their lives, like cancer or a dangerous pregnancy. Others have medical conditions which mean they need blood products regularly to stay alive or be healthy.

There are about five litres of blood in the human body and it's made up of several useful components.

You may be able to donate whole blood, plasma or platelets. Each type of blood donation is used for different medical treatments, and your blood type determines the best donation for you to make.

To start donating plasma or platelets you need to have given whole blood in the past two years.

Most donors tell us that giving blood isn't as scary as they thought it would be. Feeling nervous? Read these tips.

Our trained donor centre staff members are there with you through the whole process. They'll explain how everything works and answer your questions. How we protect your health during donation.

Timetable of blood donor opportunities in the Moreton Bay Region and you can also listen for details on air.

18-July-2018    Morayfield    Morayfield Village, car park in fron of Harris Scarfe    10am - 5pm
19-July-2018    Morayfield    Morayfield Village, car park in fron of Harris Scarfe    12noon - 7pm
20-July-2018    Morayfield    Morayfield Village, car park in fron of Harris Scarfe    8am - 3pm
23-July-2018    Kedron    Emergency Services, 125 Kedron Park Road    9am - 4pm
24-July-2018   Pinkenba    Qantas Engineering, Hangar 3, 550 Main Myrtletown Road, Pinkenba    10am - 5pm
26-July-2018    Everton Park    Woolworths carpark, 752 Stafford Road    9am - 4pm
27-July-2018   Zillmere    Policelink, 73 Pineapple Street    8am - 3pm
30-July-2018    Taigum    Taigum Square shopping Centre, Cnr Beams & Church Roads    9am - 4pm
31-July-2018   Taigum    Taigum Square shopping Centre, Cnr Beams & Church Roads    10am - 5pm

01-Aug-18    Mitchelton Brookside Donormobile    10am to 5pm
02-Aug-18    Mitchelton Brookside Donormobile    12pm to 7pm
03-Aug-18    Mitchelton Brookside Donormobile    8am to 3pm
04-Aug-18    Redcliffe RSL Donormobile    8.30am to 3.30pm
05-Aug-18    Closed    Closed
06-Aug-18    Redcliffe - Portwood St Donormobile    12pm to 7pm
07-Aug-18    Redcliffe - Portwood St Donormobile    12pm to 7pm
08-Aug-18    Redcliffe - Portwood St Donormobile    8am to 3pm
09-Aug-18    Arana Hills Donormobile    11am to 6pm
10-Aug-18    St Lucia University of Queensland Donormobile    8am to 3pm
11-Aug-18    Closed    Closed
12-Aug-18    Closed    Closed
13-Aug-18    Morayfield Village Donormobile    8am to 3pm
14-Aug-18    Morayfield Village Donormobile    10am to 5pm
15-Aug-18    Morayfield Village Donormobile    10am to 5pm
16-Aug-18    Morayfield Village Donormobile    12pm to 7pm
17-Aug-18    Morayfield Village Donormobile    8am to 3pm
18-Aug-18    Closed    Closed
19-Aug-18    Closed    Closed
28-Aug-18    Keperra Bunnings Donormobile    9am to 4pm
29-Aug-18    Keperra Bunnings Donormobile    10am to 5pm
30-Aug-18    Keperra Bunnings Donormobile    12pm to 7pm
31-Aug-18    Keperra Bunnings Donormobile    8am to 3pm

01-Sep-18    Keperra Bunnings Donormobile    8.30am to 3.30pm
03-Sep-18    Redcliffe - Portwood St Donormobile    12pm to 7pm
04-Sep-18    Redcliffe - Portwood St Donormobile    12pm to 7pm
05-Sep-18    Redcliffe - Portwood St Donormobile    8am to 3pm
06-Sep-18    Burpengary Plaza Donormobile    11am to 6pm
07-Sep-18    Burpengary Plaza Donormobile    8am to 3pm
08-Sep-18    Closed    Closed
10-Sep-18    Albany Creek Donormobile    8am to 3pm
11-Sep-18    Albany Creek Donormobile    12pm to 7pm
12-Sep-18    Training Day    Closed
13-Sep-18    Narangba Valley Donormobile    12pm to 7pm
14-Sep-18    Narangba Valley Donormobile    8am to 3pm
15-Sep-18    Closed    Closed
16-Sep-18    Closed    Closed
17-Sep-18    Morayfield Village Donormobile    8am to 3pm
18-Sep-18    Morayfield Village Donormobile    10am to 5pm
19-Sep-18    Morayfield Village Donormobile    10am to 5pm
20-Sep-18    Morayfield Village Donormobile    12pm to 7pm
21-Sep-18    Morayfield Village Donormobile    8am to 3pm
22-Sep-18    Closed    Closed
23-Sep-18    Closed    Closed
24-Sep-18    North Lakes Good GuysDonormobile    8am to 3pm
25-Sep-18    North Lakes Good GuysDonormobile    9am to 4pm
26-Sep-18    North Lakes Good GuysDonormobile    10am to 5pm
27-Sep-18    North Lakes Good GuysDonormobile    12pm to 7pm
28-Sep-18    Rothwell Bunnings Donormobile    8am to 3pm
29-Sep-18    Closed    Closed

All the information you need plus how to book a donation session is found right here

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