Be Safe, Alert and Stay Alive While driving During Holidays

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Welcome to 2017 - please remember during the warmer weather to keep hydrated during the day and to regularly check on the elderly and sick to ensure they are hydrated and well. plus as you drive and travel to your destination please keep hydrated, take plenty of stops to exersize and freshen up and just remember we would like to see you return safe and sound.

Friday 20 and Saturday 21 January may see significant rain for the Moreton Bay Region so ensure gutters are clear, loose outdoor items are put away and keep listening for details. Tuesday through to Thursday should be mostly fine. As we are in the Summer Storm season, always on hand to ensure we keep you all informed as storms develop so keep in touch on-line, on-mobile and on air for timely warnings should they be required.

Moreton Bays Home Of Emergency Information, you should stay tuned, on Air on 101.5 FM, on line with the Listen Live link above right and through our facebook page to always stay informed .

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Avoid Congestion Caboolture River Bridge Works road diversions begin June 27 includes new photos. Also Traffic Information is broadcast at approximately quarter past and quarter to the hour on Breakfast (6-9 am) and Drive (3-6pm) and on our Facebook page .

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